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jocms - A Simple CMS for Easy Editing

jocms is a lightweight, user-friendly CMS for static websites that operates without a database and maintains the website's original structure.

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Simple CMS for static websites

jocms is a simple way to make your static website editable.

Retrofits your existing site

Upgrade your site easily. No coding knowledge required.

Simple and lightweight

No crowded backend. Start editing right away.

Works without database

jocms is flat file. Your site remains in its original structure.

jocms ​Simply retrofit your existing site

Simply retrofit your existing site.

You want to upgrade your site with an easy-to-use CMS, but all the systems available are too large and inconvenient?

With jocms you add a simple CMS to your existing site within minutes. Just install, select the editable areas and you can edit your website.

No need to make any adjustments to your site.

Free and open source.

jocms is free to use! The developers are constantly working to give you the best editing experience. However, they are working on this open source project for you in their spare time.



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